July 28, 2014

How I Finally Made My First One Dollar Online…

Today is an EXCITING Day for Me...

After months and months of trying, I finally made my first $1 online! It was a long time coming, but finally happened!

Here is how it went down...

I am the first to admit what I have done wrong. I hope that it will help people who decide they want to go down the road of trying to make money online, and not make the same mistakes I did. When I first decided that I wanted to use Internet Marketing to make money online, I made the common rookie mistake of falling in love with all of those beautiful, shiny objects...

Any product that looked good to me, or I thought would help me... I bought...

It was official... I had a bad case of "S.O.S - Shiny Object Syndrome"

So now what? I had all of these new gadgets and programs but I still wasn't making any money. In fact, I had bought so many different training courses, ebooks, and products that I forgot what I had! Truth be told, I don't even think that I looked at about 60% of the items that I bought.

You have no idea how bad it feels to basically throw money in the trash... But that is what I was essentially doing.

I was tired of it! It was not going to happen anymore! Those marketers were continuing to make more money while I was actually losing it! By chance I looked at the last products that I bought. It completely changed my whole view on making money online. It was a video and slide presentation of an Internet Marketer named Dean Holland at a Marketing Summit.

I watched the video and realized that I was going about this COMPLETELY wrong!

Although I was a little suspicious (because I had already seen that all the big marketers made it look easy), I attended a live webinar anyways. Hey why not? It was free with my product. While at the webinar, I realized, "Hey, me and this guy started in the exact same situation!"

I started to pay a little more attention. He was the first one I had heard talking about the bad times, and not only the good!

At the end of the webinar, he offered "an incentive" if you will. It was a challenge that he offered through a video course, promising that he could teach me how to make money online. You can see that video here if you like -> Check Out The Video

Why not give it a try? It couldn't get any worse...

The first go was awful... I was already so burned out that I didn't put any of the steps into action. I watched the training videos, and put a half assed effort into what he said... Of course, nothing changed. Why would it? My heart was not into it...

Giving up for 6 months, was the WORST mistake of my life!!

I took a break... Wanted to see if it was something that I was really in to... or if it was just some fluke. Turns out those 6 months, I couldn't stop thinking about Internet Marketing! I came back with FIRE! with true PASSION!

I re-watched the videos, put them into action and followed through step by step with consistency. After one week... ONE WEEK... of following the steps, I woke up this morning and saw the greatest picture of my life!


BOOM! The first ever money that I made online!

And it was much easier than I could have ever dreamed of!

If you want to check out the same video training by Dean Holland that I used... Click Here

Is it life changing? NO...

Can I retire or buy that Lambo I always wanted? NO...

But it is proof that it is possible for me, or anyone to make money online if they have the passion and dedication to do it!

My advice... Find what you love and do it! Give it everything you have! Sometimes it will be slow, and sometimes you will get frustrated, but I promise you if you just stick with it... it will get better!

"Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm." -Winston Churchill

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Jeff Sollee

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