June 10, 2013

Social Sharing – Social Sharing Sites to Boost SEO and Rankings

Social Sharing can pay off big when it comes to rankings
social sharing

With the ability to rank in Google's search engines relying more and more on natural traffic and quality content, social sharing can definitely pay off when it comes to driving natural traffic to your blog or website. Using a combination of Social Bookmarking, Social Networking, and Social Sharing Sites can take your content and spread it around the world quickly and easily. Let me share just a few of the "lesser" known and used sites with you below.

Social Bookmarking

The term “social bookmarking” refers to the method of organization and storage of resources by internet users. Through these social bookmarking platforms, files themselves are not shared, just the bookmarks that reference them. A common form of social bookmarking would be some program that allows users to save specific links to web pages that they want to go back to, or share with others. Popular social bookmarking sites of today include StumbleUpon, Digg, Chime.in, and Delicious.


As one of the most popular social bookmarking sites, StumbleUpon is a rather simple idea that has exploded in usage over the past two years. As long as you have the toolbar installed on your computer, you can submit any site to the StumbleUpon database. There is no way to submit directly from the website without the toolbar, though. Pages submitted on to StumbleUpon get classified to certain categories and potentially can reach thousands of people. If your site does particularly well amongst the interest group it enters, and if it receives many likes, it will spread across other interests and be seen even more. Submitting your sites to StumbleUpon will give them the opportunity to be seen, liked, and shared at no cost to you.


Not a very well known site, Chime.in integrates all different parts of the social networking experience in to one single site. Everything on the site is made public, and media can be inserted into every post. Community pages are huge on Chime.in and can help the founders with site promotion or even monetize the page with ads. With a Google PageRank of 8, this site is great for getting pages indexed in to Google. Although the usage of the site pales monstrously in comparison to sites like StumbleUpon and Digg, Chime.in offers a lot of potential if you are willing to look in to it.

While I only listed a few examples... For more on Social Bookmarking sites and to read the rest of the article - CLICK HERE

As for Social Networking sites, they have become the rage lately. There are an estimated 167 million people on Facebook in the United States alone. Having a presence on Facebook and other Social Networking Sites could allow your content to "go viral" within hours. Not to mention the amount of people that it could draw to your site. Sharing sites and information also creates valuable backlinks to your site. Here are a few Social Networking Sites that could help bring more traffic and natural backlinks to your site.


Ah, Facebook. The crown jewel of modern social networking, Facebook dominates the networking world with an active user estimate of nearly 850 million individuals. This number is staggering when you think that nearly one-seventh of the people alive on the earth use this single website to manage their social lives. The creation of “social shares” on Facebook allow websites or any other information, picture, media, etc., to be spread easily on a large scale around the web. Google claims they do not include social shares directly in their algorithm, but there is no doubt that having some social shares is an SEO goldmine. By posting the Share Button API on your site, visitors can share your pages around the web, giving you natural backlinks at no cost to you. Even beyond the links you gain from this, the shares you get from visitors will help direct traffic to your site, you otherwise would go without.


Google+, not as big as Google’s social networking team had hoped for, however, for SEO purposes there is a lot of valuable stuff to gain from using this site. There slightly new approach to social networking puts your friends, family, work buddies, etc., in different “circles” to which you can share things. Its like having a file cabinet with everyone you know perfectly organized neatly in to little manila folders. Like with all other social sites, gaining some recognition and following through Google+ would obviously be helpful, however, the real SEO gold comes from somewhere else. This site is Google’s own house! Obviously the data contracted from this site will be skewed in importance compared to competitors sites. When using Google+, Google will auto-ping your domain, helping you get indexed faster and rise in the rankings quicker. Google values this data very highly, so creating Google+ pages will definitely help you out in your quest for a higher rank.

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Information taken from - http://rankexecutives.com/social-sharing-sites/

In conclusion, if you are not using some or all of these social media sites to your advantage, you may want to add some of them into your daily plan. By using a combination or some (or all) of them wisely, anyone can add not only natural traffic to their site, but backlinks as well, as you climb up search engine rankings. Let's face it, no matter what your niche is, there are people looking online for it... and using Social Media is the perfect way to reach them!

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