5 Common Mistakes That Are Killing Your Online Business

I'm sure you have heard it before...98% of internet marketers FAIL... Most people not only fail to make 1$ online, but actually end up losing a lot of money. Sorry to be brutally honest, but it's true. Now that we got the bad news out of the way...

Let me deliver some good news!

The good news is, that you don't have to be in the 98% that fails, but can be in the 2% that succeeds by not making these 5 common mistakes.

If things are not currently going the way you want, and you are not living that lifestyle that you wanted, I feel your pain! I have been there myself. But when I stopped making these common mistakes, things started to change quite rapidly for me.

1. Promoting The Wrong Offer

No matter where you look, it seems like there are 1 million offers that are flying around. Take a look at some of the groups on Facebook if you don't believe me... For people new (and even for veterans) it can be extremely confusing on which offers to promote.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself and a few things to look out for when finding an offer to promote.

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  • Is The Offer Easy To Promote?
  • Is The Offer High Converting?
  • Do You Receive Any Support If Or When You Get Stuck?
  • Do The Other People Promoting The Offer Have Any Success?
  • What Types Of Commissions Do You Make When You Make A Sale?


If you answered "NO" to any one of those questions, it is probably the wrong offer!

Are you new or old, but still finding it hard to obtain the building blocks to start a profitable online business?

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2. Not Building A List

If you are not currently building a list... You SHOULD be.

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a huge fan of list building. If you have not thought about building a list, you should check out my post called "An Email List…Building Your First Online Business Asset" . Do you know why every big name marketer has built a list? Because it works! It is instant traffic to any offer you decide to send them to.

So... If you don't have a list yet, you might want to think about starting one. They are easy to build and require almost no money to start (if you do it right, you can actually build it completely FREE and make a nice little profit)

3. Jumping From One Thing To Another (Shiny Object Syndrome)

The best advice that I can give for having a successful online business is... Find something that works, and stick with it!

When I first started, I bought every single product, signed up for every single email list that I could, thinking that it would somehow give me all the information that I needed.


The only thing that happened was that I got deeper and deeper into debt! That was of course until I found myself a mentor who showed me the difference between right and wrong. Someone who had already been down the same road that I had been down, but found a way to succeed. The day that I found my mentor, my business began to change.

He made sure to show me the entire puzzle (and it was beautiful) instead of taking a couple of the pieces out and keeping them for himself.

He gave me some very valuable advice which I would like to share with you, and maybe it can help you be on your way.

He said,

"First Thing you should do is look at all the products that you have bought and separate the ones that work and the ones that don't... If you are still in the refund period... Return the ones that don't work."

(I know that some people will hate me for saying that... but I hope you get some use out of it!)

If you can't get a refund, then tuck them all into a folder deep into your computer because you are not going to need them anymore.

There are a lot of very valuable products that do work, I am not taking any credit away from those products because I still have and own many products that help me in many ways. We are talking about the junk here.

Get rid of it because it is only holding you down, and find one or two offers that actually work for you to make money and... STICK WITH THEM!

4. Wasting Time download

The worst thing about trying to make money on the Internet is... the Internet!

There are so many distractions! Email, Facebook, Games, Skype, Youtube and that is just to name a few. You want to get online and do some work, and soon you are clicking around the internet for hours before anything even gets done.

Trust me... It happens to me quite a bit too.

Here are some things that you might try to be a little more productive with your time online that should be spent working: (they worked for me)

  • Shut Everything Off... This Includes Phones, Televisions, And Anything Else That Might Distract You
  • Set A Timer... After 30 Minutes To 1 Hour Of Work... Spend 10 Minutes Doing Something Else
  • If You Say You Will Spend Only 10 Minutes Doing Something Else... DO IT!
  • Before Bed (The Night Before) Make A List Of Small Things That NEED To Get Done The Next Day
  • Don't Overwork Yourself And Try To Schedule Too Much

5. Attitude attitude

Attitude has a lot to do with either success or failure... depending on which way you look at it.

I'll put it very simple. If you have a negative attitude... You WILL Fail.

One tiny negative thought about what you are doing can turn into a complete avalanche of negativity. If something doesn't go right in the beginning, many people feel that nothing will go right after that. Anyone can throw themselves into a downward negativity spiral.

You must believe what in what you are doing, love it, and pursue it like your life depends on it!

Don't get discouraged by small failures, because it happens to everyone. Instead use those failures as a lesson and grow!

I fell into the trap of getting discouraged and having a bad attitude about small failures, but absolutely nothing positive came out of it.

Remember... Being an Internet Marketer is supposed to be fun! Think about the reasons why you decided to make money from home, and enjoy the freedom it brings!

So In Conclusion...

  • Try to make sure that you are promoting something that works and will actually make you some good money while still being easy to promote
  • Build your list so you can have instant traffic to any money making offer that you want
  • Don't jump from one offer to another (and please try to avoid shiny object syndrome)
  • Use your online time wisely and enjoy the rewards that your hard work brings
  • Make sure to always have a positive attitude

If you follow those steps and keep working hard, the results will come easy!

Do you have any more tips for people to have a better success rate when it comes to Internet Marketing? Do you agree or disagree that just making a few small changes in the things that are not working could completely change someone's online business?

I love to hear from the readers and read their comments! If you have anything to add or say, please do!

If you got some use out of this, or know someone who would… Please share socially!

All The Best,

Jeff Sollee

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