5 Components EVERY Successful Online Business Needs

There are 5 components that every successful online business MUST have... Does Yours?

Yesterday, I talked a little bit about What an actual 7 figure online business really looks like. Today I want to talk about 5 components that every successful online business must have to make serious money.

So here they are...

sales funnelComponent #1

Your business must have a high converting evergreen front end offer.

So what does that mean? An evergreen offer is an offer that stays good no matter how much the internet changes around it. I've seen a lot of products online that will only work for a certain amount of time and then things change, which makes the product ineffective. By having an evergreen offer, you guarantee that no matter what happens, your product will ALWAYS be effective and stand the test of time!

Component #2

Have multiple upsells after a customer buys the front end product.upsell

The word "upsell" usually has a bad connotation linked to it... But it doesn't have to be! If you think about it.. Anywhere you go upsells you with products. If you go to McDonalds and order a Hamburger, what do they say? If you buy a TV or a car, what does the salesman always ask? These products will compliment the original product to make it better or easier to use! The key is that the initial product DOES NOT rely on the upsells, but they work together to make the customers experience better in every way! The only reason why people are burnt out on upsells is because many Internet Marketers Upsell people to death with other products that will not work.

Component #3

Have an additional Higher Priced Back End Offer.

Because some people just need the additional help.

build relationships

Component #4

A personal or phone follow-up

Yes, I understand that everyone loves to automate things with auto-responders. But there is an added personal touch when a company actually reaches out to someone to talk to them on the phone, or send them a personalized follow-up that NO ONE else gets. A personal touch goes a long way for trust and relationship building.

Component #5scaling up

The ability to hire others to help scale up the business to bigger and better things.

A one man business is good... But an army of people helping to grow and scale the business is GREAT! Being able to employee others will take your business to heights you only dreamed about!

So those are the 5 components that a super successful online business WILL have. I'm glad that I was able to find a business model that has these 5 things, because I will NEVER have to worry about if my online business is at it's full capability, because I will always know that it is!

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