What Does A 7 Figure A Year Online Business Really Look Like?

Are you actually involved in a business that can make over 7 figures per year?

If you are anything like me... You have probably wondered what an actual 7 figure a year online business looks like... Have you?

Last week I was lucky enough to attend a live online webinar with Dean Holland (who actually runs a 7 figure per year online business) and was let in on what the actual business model looks like. The best part was, it was not some guru speaking about what needs to be done... or "go all in or we won't talk to you"

This is a real person, with real results, and a REAL business plan!

Click Here if you would like to watch the full webinar (it is about an hour long, but EXTREMELY valuable)

There are only 2 ways to make money online these days

Yes, that's right, when all is broken down, there are only 2 real ways to make money online. You are either:

  • Sell someone else's products... Or...
  • Sell your own products (This is what the people who make real money do)

Affiliate Marketing - To get into Affiliate Marketing, you are promoting other people's products to a list of people that you have personally built up. The only problem with Affiliate Marketing is that someone else's products usually bring a small commission (anywhere from $5-$20) and you need to build a pretty good sized list before you start making any real money.

Product Creation - Product Creation is what the Elite Marketers do. They have the ability to create a product in a niche, and then get affiliates to promote it for them. This is how you live the true internet lifestyle! Work both hard and smart for success. But here is the problem with product creation... Just having one product will not do. You can not expect to make big money without having multiple offers with different price tags.

Here is an example of what the elite marketers do (the ones who make real money online)

internet marketer
Photo created by Dean Holland

Big Changes Are Coming To Online Marketing! Don't Get Left Behind!!

As Internet Marketing evolves, just having one product will NOT do anymore! But this is a mistake that a lot of people make. Marketers will create a product, send it out to their list until it is dead and burnt, collect the money, and when it dries up, they will quickly rush to throw another cheap product out there. This is what Dean Holland referred to as, "The C & B Trap"

Email Opens & Response Are Down...

I know it hurts... but it's true... Just emailing or relying on email marketing will not cut it anymore. Does that mean to cut it out? ABSOLUTELY NOT! Email Marketing is still a crucial part of any business, but the people who are only relying on Email Marketing as their sole source of online income may have a surprise waiting for them in the near future. I have personally seen how quickly signing up for one list ends up with me being on 47 lists by the end of the day before I even know it! To stand out among other email marketers is getting harder and harder to do!

While email marketing should still be a big part of the arsenal... It's time to maybe start looking into multiple marketing channels!

So What Should You Do Next?

FIRST: If you haven't already, Check out the webinar here!!

SECOND: Make sure to stop by tomorrow where I will talk more about 5 components to a 7 figure business model!

Until Tomorrow...

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