Thinking of Affiliate Marketing? Don’t Get Scammed…

How to Avoid Scams when Affiliate Marketing

affiliate marketing scams
Don't be the one who gets scammed!

Are you bored with your job? Tired of being undervalued, under-appreciated, and exploited at your 9-to-5? Or maybe you are just looking for an added income stream to make life a little easier?

You might be ready to give affiliate marketing a chance. Now before you jump in, I want to say that this is definitely not for everyone!

I'm new to affiliate marketing and I love it! I love every aspect of it. It definitely has it's ups and downs, but it is very rewarding and exciting!

If you don't like hard work, and can't handle failure or you have fear of starting new things... It's not for you.

There a lot of hassles and burdens, especially when you're just getting started, but this line of work is attractive to many. I mean, how could it not be? You get to work from home, be your own boss, create your own hours, and live your life, all while you make money!

To be honest it's actually no wonder why it's attractive – start up costs are low, it's a passive income, which means that your affiliate website works and earns money long after you've stopped working on it.

Unfortunately, as with most things, there are frauds and scammers are out to exploit the enthusiasm of people just like you.

These people are extremely savvy and very experienced in exploiting people. Pushing emotional buttons and encouraging hasty choices is their specialty.

Since affiliate marketing is constantly changing, it would be impossible to tell you about every scam that exists out there, but if you want to avoid affiliate marketing scams, you'll need to stay mentally alert. Asking yourself a few questions before you start anything will definitely help.

4 Questions That Will Help You Avoid Affiliate Marketing Scams

Is The Marketer Reputable and Is The Product a Good Deal?

There are only a handful of fly-by-night con artists in affiliate marketing, but more often, there's low quality content and the feeling that you could have done better. There are plenty of people who want to pay you lower commissions, give you outdated training, or make you push an inferior product.

It's always important to shop around as an affiliate, the same way you would as a customer. If you're buying a car, do you jump on the first one you see, or shop around a little to see if you could do better?

What Do The Testimonials Say?

Take some time and read some testimonials before you jump right in.

A few negative reviews shouldn't scare you away, because not everyone understands what they're buying before they buy it. But if you find a flood of negative reviews, reviews that are light on specifics and heavy on marketing buzz, or no reviews at all. In those cases, be cautious.

Know the strengths and weaknesses of any plan or product before you buy, and know the exact contents of what you’re getting instead of falling in love with the promised results.

Do I Have To Pay to Participate?

There's nothing wrong with paying for coaching. But if you're paying to join an affiliate program, odds are that you've stumbled upon a scam. There are plenty of successful affiliate programs out there that don't require a financial investment – your willingness to sell a product makes you a very valuable asset.

For example, a MLM plan that requires you to buy inventory could leave you holding the bag, but real and true affiliate marketing is risk free.

Is There Quality Support?

It's a good idea to always send a short e-mail before joining any affiliate program. Find out how long it takes for real person to contact you and explain the basics of their program to you. It is incredibly easy to make a flashy website and catchy advertising copy. You can even have one outsourced these days.

It's much harder to create an active community that gives help to affiliates that need it. There are some companies that are harder to contact. That doesn't mean that they can't help you, but they should be examined more closely.

In Conclusion...

While affiliate marketing can be very appealing to a lot of people who are looking into a life of working from home and being their own boss, it definitely pays to take the time out to do some investigating so you don't get burned. By asking yourself these simple 4 questions before you jump right in, you will be able to make sure that it is a proper affiliate program that suits your needs and can give you the help you need.

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