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help-smAsking For Help is NOT Always Easy...

Since I was a kid, I was always kind of shy and independent. I didn't like to ask for help because of the reaction that I might get... I was scared that people would say, "NO".

I always thought that I could do anything on my own. Through the years, I learned a valuable lesson... It is always beneficial to ask for help from someone who has already conquered what you are trying to do.

I'm now 30 years old, and while I'm still scared to ask people for help, I always reach down deep inside and find the strength to do it.

It's not always easy to do. Everyone has pride... But people who can admit they need help and go out and seek it will always be in a better position than those who don't.

My latest venture into Internet Marketing has gotten me to take a hard look inside myself. At first, I thought that I could read enough blogs, watch enough YouTube videos, and study enough people's websites to do it myself. I am strong, and I will succeed, but now I know... I will not do so alone.

I had to let my guard down, and admit to myself that I needed help. I have taken the idea of "surround yourself with average people, and you will be average... but surround yourself with successful people, and you will succeed" to heart.

But who to ask for help?

My personal goal is to build a sustainable online business and help other people to do the same, your goals might be something different, but this trick works for what ever you want to do...

Seek out the people who are at the top of your niche... Don't be afraid to ask for help... And then ACT and ask for help.

9 times out of 10 they will be more than happy to help you. I'm guessing it's because they might not be where they are without someone helping them. But don't be fooled... It won't always be for free.

Remember we are building businesses and trying to make ourselves better. We invest in ourselves physically, mentally and monetarily to become successful. Athletes pay personal trainers, Actors pay acting coaches and so on. Don't be afraid to invest in yourself!

Seeking out the BEST

In my case, I did a little research. One name kept popping up... Dean Holland. I bought an ebook and case study that Dean had put together (it was an amazing read by the way). Through that, I was invited to a webinar where I could personally interact with him.

Turns out that at one point he was in the same position as me, and had to ask for help... He asked Alex Jeffreys and got the help he needed.

I felt like I was in the right place. But I needed more!

I joined a program called Big Commission Blueprint (which can be seen by clicking HERE if you are interested) which is a 9 lesson in depth coaching course which has finally pointed me in the right direction!

So what ever you are looking to improve in your life... Don't be afraid to ask for help from someone who has been there before! Search out the best in your field and put yourself in a better place as fast as possible...

It really is a "shortcut" to success...

"Be STRONG enough to stand alone, SMART enough to know when you need help, and BRAVE enough to ask for it." -Unknown

If you need help with something, post a comment here and let's all try to help each other!

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PS - If you are like me and need a little direction and extra help... Check out the Big Commission Blueprint. It can help anyone at any level

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