Getting Back To Basics For 2018

I Lost... That Loving Feeling...

It is the end of 2017 and we are rolling into 2018 very quickly...

For some this may be good and for others it may be bad.

2017, like many other years, was supposed to be full of big victories and huge success.

It wasn't...

As it usually turns out, things that were planned never get done. 

I lost focus...
I lost momentum...
My blog lost its direction...

However, one thing that I can say is that business wise 2017 was my best year yet. I learned a lot of things and applied them to actually have a pretty decent year.

Could it have been better? ABSOLUTELY! 

So for the rest of 2017 and beyond, this is what I intend on doing with this blog and my online business.

The Future of

If you have ever read a post on you will notice on thing about them...

There is no niche, theme, topic, or anything else that makes any sense. 

When it came to writing posts in the past, I would just kind of write how I felt. That was good enough for me. 

But then I realized something. I was not helping anyone to do anything at all.

I am an Affiliate Marketer

Which means I make my money online selling other peoples products for a commission.

There are many reasons why Affiliate Marketing is the easiest place to start.


  • check
    The low overhead cost to run a business. (In most cases you can even start for free)
  • check
    No Product Creation
  • check
    No support hassles or dealing with angry customers
  • check
    Anyone can do it

There are many more reasons that we will dive deeper into in upcoming posts, but for now will no longer be comprised of posts that are all over the map.

What Will Focus On?

This blog will be focused on Affiliate Marketing and everything Affiliate Marketing. 

Starting from the very beginning we will walk step by step through everything needed to start running your very own business from home by selling other peoples products.

Some of the things you will find on this blog will be:
  • How to get started from absolutely nothing (even with no list, no reputation and even no website)
  • Some of the best tools and products to use that will max your business... And some tools to stay far far away from
  • How to start building your list and profiting from that mailing list.
  • mail-forward
    Ways to maximize your profits

Pretty cool stuff, right?

Stick around, because it's going to get fun!

Let's Party At The Top,

Jeff Sollee

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