Becoming The Complete Online Marketer

Studying One Area vs. Learning It All

Being new to online marketing can have its advantages... I have been able to gain at least one person who is good in each area that is critical to internet marketing in my inner circle, who is willing to help whenever I need it.

Now that is not saying that I don't try to figure it out on my own first, but by surrounding myself with some of the best in the business I am on my way to learning how to be a more complete online marketer.

Think of LeBron James of the Miami Heat, who is undoubtedly one of the best players in basketball (not only now but possibly of all time)

Would Lebron James be a hall of fame caliber player if he couldn't shoot? Or he couldn't dribble? How good do you think he would be without the ability to play defense? But most of all, do you think that he would be the best in basketball if he didn't have his work ethic and was backed up by his team?

Let's face it... No matter how good of a player he is, he has a very complete game!

Lebron JamesI'm taking the Lebron James Approach To Internet Marketing!!

Even though I have heard over and over again "choose one thing and stick with it" why can't I just work double hard and master every area? In today's evolving times, to stand out, you must work harder than everyone else around you to succeed.

That's why maybe planning to work extra hard and becoming a complete online marketer might be a better choice!

Some of the things that I have decided to learn are the ideas that big online businesses are using to make millions of dollars each year.

5 strategies to implement in your online marketing today!

1. Learning proper Search Engine Optimization(SEO) - With Google ever changing and it becoming harder to rank, some people think that using SEO is going to be a think of the past. Using basic, proper SEO techniques can be a very powerful thing in driving users to your website and ranking higher among search engines.

To improve your site rankings, you should implement effective and on-going SEO strategies. Web page optimization, link building, and acquiring quality in-bound links from authority websites can help you grow traffic.

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2. Email Marketing- So I know that you have all heard it before, and I will repeat it one more time... "The Money Is In The List" The idea has been around for a long time now, and still works today! Building a strong list of targeted people in whatever niche you are in is a HUGE benefit!

A quality e-mail newsletter is more than an online marketing tool. It is a useful tool for communicating and addressing the needs of your customers. Sadly, many businesses misuse e-mail marketing. They send out more salesy and promotional e-mails that do not create value to consumers. Instead of sending blast promotional e-mails every 24 hours, think about creating e-mails that communicate helpful tips, news, and things of special interest to consumers.

Read more Here - Quote Source

3. Social Media Marketing (Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, etc) - For people who don't know, Facebook is ranked #2 on Alexa. It is nearing 1 Billion members online. Everyone these days is on Facebook! Including people who are looking for opportunity. It is perfect for engaging with people who you are looking to get into business with you and growing your brand or business. There are so many ways to use social media to your advantage, but if you are not using it, you should definitely start!

4. Offering Free and Valuable Content - I think this one these days is over - looked... I have noticed a lot of people sell sell sell. Focused so much on the money that is possible and forgetting that a happy customer is a paying customer. By giving people free content that will help them in their own business venture will create not only a great relationship, but also possibly a partnership that will benefit both people.

5. Blogging - If you are not using it... You are missing out. A blog gives the opportunity to let people into your world and what you are doing. It will create credibility in your business niche and has the potential to drive major traffic to your site if done correctly.

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Learning how to be a complete online marketer and continuing to evolve your skills can definitely help you on your way to success!

So Start Learning New Techniques Today!

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