You Have to Crawl Before You Walk

What is the first thing you should do to start an online business?

Well... many people will say "start your own blog". It is one of the best (if not the best) platform to get your information out to millions of people. And while it takes time to build a successful blog, I would say that anyone looking for any type of success online needs to do something even before they start their first blog.

Set your goals and write them down as the key to success
Set your goals and write them down as the key to success

So what is this thing that I am talking about?


Having a defined goal and definite purpose to what you are about to start. For anyone who read the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, you will know exactly what I am talking about. If you have not read that book, I suggest picking it up! Not only is it inspiring, but there is a lot of great information in it.

There are some key questions that should be answered before you even think about moving on. They are pretty basic questions that should be easy to answer, but will really help in your journey!

What- What are your top 3 goals, both personally and professionally?

Why - Why would you like to achieve these goals?

When - When are you going to achieve these goals by?

How - How are you going to achieve these goals?

=>> Click here if you would like a nice template for goal setting<<=

By really sitting down and answering these few questions, you will really put yourself in good position for success later on down the road. It's always important to start off on the right foot and have a plan that you can follow.

However, when talking about answering these questions, really take some time to sit and think about it in depth. Don't just put one word answers down. For example, when asked "Why would you like to achieve these goals?" Don't just use the motivation of money.

We all know that in the long run it is about a dependable income, but really put some thought and effort into your answers... Trust me, it helps in the end!

Once you have written out the answers to these questions...

Some common goal setting mistakes
Some common goal setting mistakes

Take the piece of paper that you have written the answers to these 4 questions on and put it somewhere visible. Somewhere that you can look at it every single day to remind you of why you are doing what you are doing.

By writing your top 3 goals, it will give you something to aspire to. It will keep an ultimate goal within sight.

It's also important to be reminded daily of the "why". I believe that if you continue to be reminded of the why, it will give you strong motivation to keep moving forward every single day.

Having a specific date of when you would like to have these goals done by might be a little difficult. There might be something in your head that doesn't want to not complete your goal by this point, so start with something small...

Maybe try a 30 day goal, 3 month goal, and 6 month goal. Each time continuing to improve. The reason for the exact date is because without it, there is always the mindset of "well it can wait until tomorrow". We all know how that turns out...

And finally the how. How are you going to achieve these goals? Writing a step by step plan to how you are going to achieve what you want, is a no brainer! It gives you a concrete plan to follow and keeps you from getting side tracked!

I will leave you with a quote that Andrew Carnegie told Napoleon Hill (the author of the book Think and Grow Rich) in 1953

The principle of Definiteness of Purpose obviously is a necessity to all who succeed since no one may achieve success without first knowing precisely what he wants. It may interest you to know that approximately ninety-eight out of every hundred people are totally without a major goal, and it is significant that approximately the same percentage of people are regarded as failures.

The principle of Definiteness of Purpose, to be of enduring value, must be adopted and applied as a daily habit. Absence of this habit leads to another habit that is fatal to success, and that is the habit of drifting.

The Wisdom Of Andrew Carnegie As Told To Napoleon Hill (1953)

So tell me, do you have your goals written down? Or do you do things differently?

Either way, I would love to hear how it is either working, or not working for you!

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