Email Black Ops – Michael Cheney Review

Email Black Ops - How To Turn A Few Dumb Emails Into Piles And Piles of Money

Email Black Ops is an Email Marketing course created by Michael Cheney. The claims are that by using the techniques you can produce piles and piles of money just from sending a few "dumb" emails.

Michael Cheney is a Product Creator and Super Affiliate so he relies a lot on email marketing in his business.

But does Email Black Ops live up to the hype and deliver on its promises?

Let's take an in depth look at the product and inside the members area to find out.

What is Email Black Ops?

Email Black Ops is a No Fluff, No-Nonsense, Intensive course on how to write better emails. It is not about list building, or anything else. This course is strictly about writing emails that get open, read and clicked.

Michael Cheney has put this course together to help struggling affiliate and email marketers change their tactics and start making more money from their promotions.

The training is delivered inside of a members area that contains 3 videos that average around 35 minutes each.

While I do like the fact that it is a simple members area with three information packed videos, I feel that 35 minutes is kind of a long time to sit and watch a video training. I found myself taking a few breaks.

However even though the videos are a little on the long side, I completely understand why they have to be... They are jam packed full of tiny nuggets of useful information.

The Email Black Ops Training Breakdown

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Email Black Ops Video 1
Email Black Ops - The Secret Tactics To Win The Affiliate War

​The first video in the training is all about Secret Tactics to Win The Affiliate War.

If you are an affiliate marketer, you know that it is becoming increasingly hard to get noticed in the sea of other affiliates.

This first module is designed to show you exactly how to get noticed and make sure your email marketing efforts get open, read and clicked.

Here are some of the things you will be going over in the first video:
  • Length of video: 22 min 45 sec
  • How to turn simple emails into truckloads of greenbacks. (Even if you're just starting out.)
  • Exactly what to put in your subject line if you want the most sales. (And what never to include.)
  • What time of day you should be sending your emails. (And which "dead spots" you absolutely must avoid.)
  • The #1 easiest way ever invented to write an email. (You can crank out commission-creating emails in five minutes flat doing this.)
  • Why it's a big mistake to give free stuff away to your prospects (There's a hidden reason this will kill your sales, here's what to do instead)
  • And a few secret bombshells that will blow you away
Email Black Ops Video 2
A Detailed "DNA" Dissection of The Secret Email Formula Which Made $200,002.72

The second video in the training is a complete breakdown of the "Secret Email Formula" that Michael Cheney used to bank $200,002.72. 

Every email and affiliate promotion that Michael Cheney writes uses the exact same method and way of writing emails (which you definitely don't have to be a pro copy-writer for)

In this lesson you're getting world-exclusive access to Michael Cheney's patented formula which has never been revealed before.

Here are some of the things you will be going over in the second video:
  • Length of Video: 35 min 28 sec
  • 11 real examples of how to guarantee your emails get read every single time.
  • A stealth way to get people "hooked" on your emails.
  • How to stand out in everybody's inbox and get oodles of sales every time you email.
  • The "Triple-Shake" Method to getting fence-sitters to buy from you.
  • ​Plus some extra ninja golden nuggets to skyrocket your inbox income
Email Black Ops Video 3
A Complete "Copy n' Deploy" Debrief of a $41,409.70 Commissions Campaign

The third and final training in Email Black Ops is​ a "copy and paste" process that you can use in your own affiliate promotions.

The style and techniques that you are shown are responsible for winning multiple affiliate competitions and contests.

Here are some of the things you will be going over in the third video:
  • Length of Video: 36 min 51 sec
  • The right way to structure a winning affiliate campaign.
  • A sneaky (yet ethical) way to always come out on top of affiliate leader board contests.
  • How to get more clicks than any other affiliate using the secret "CNN" method.
  • How to actually have fun writing emails and make a truck load of money in the process.

Email Black Ops - Pros and Cons

  • Shows a newbie proof way to write compelling emails that get open, read, and clicked without being a copywriter
  • There are plenty of real world (email) breakdowns to show what works and what doesn't
  • You get actual copy and paste examples that you can use for yourself in your affiliate campaigns.
  • I have personally made money using this exact method and my open rates went way up.

Some Screen Shots of Results

Before Email Black Ops

Before Email Black Ops

After Email Black Ops

after email black ops
  • If you are lazy, this definitely isn't for you...
  • If you are skeptical of an unconventional process this is not for you
  • The videos are a little bit long and could have been broke up into shorter videos
  • "newbie proof" doesn't mean you don't have to practice and will have some issues

Email Black Ops - Final Verdict

I 100% recommend Email Black Ops. 

I not only recommend it, I also use it for myself and my affiliate marketing. I have personally had success using it.

Even though it does take some work, practice and effort, it is really worth it and pays off big time once you get it right.​

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