Internet Marketing… My New Shot At Life

It's Time For A Fresh Start...

Hello and welcome to my brand new blog! I must say that getting into the world of internet marketing is quite exciting for me! Just in case you did not get a chance to check the about me section, please let me introduce myself. My name is Jeff Sollee, and I have made the decision to start a full time career in internet marketing!

I started looking into solutions a few months ago on different ways that I could make money. Things are rough in California right now, and there are not many jobs to be had. I think many of you can feel my pain! I was searching for awhile, but nothing intrigued me.

Until I came across internet marketing! It was such a diverse opportunity! There were so many different ways to make money and help people.

That was it! My mind was made up! I was going to be an internet marketer!

But that was all I knew... I didn't know anything else about it. I guess I could compare the feeling to being dropped in the middle of the ocean and someone telling me, "Ok Jeff, Now swim your way back to shore!"

There are so many niches inside internet marketing... where would I start??

internet marketing

While I was doing research on the subject, I made the mistake of searching Google for "internet marketing". I found out quickly that was not going to work! I got lost with words like "PPC" and "SEO" and was lost by "autoresponders" and "Affiliate Marketing"

What did it all mean?!?

I think my biggest mistake was that I spent a lot of time thinking, "I can learn everything I need to know about internet marketing by myself... I don't need any help"

Well... A month went by, and after hours and hours I still didn't know how or where to start. I was buying product after product and was caught by "shiny object syndrome". I was lost, confused, and full of anxiety! It can be a quite scary feeling to be alone, trying to make a name in internet marketing. Maybe some of you feel or felt the same way?

Today is the start of a new life... Internet-Marketing

So here I am today... Starting my new life, with my new career...

Here we go... I hope you will follow me on this journey into internet marketing.

Until Tomorrow... If you enjoyed, Please Post & Share


Jeff Sollee

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