Hybrid Connect Plugin… My New Best Friend!

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Why The Hybrid Connect Plugin Has Become My New Favorite Plugin

Now I will be the first to admit when I don't know how to do something... And one thing I don't know is HTML or how to create custom opt-in forms. I know that through any autoresponder that anyone has the option to make a custom opt-in box but I didn't really like all the steps that were involved in that.

I got an email from a person that I trust in the business talking about this product that I had personally never seen before. It's called HybridConnect.

One of the first things that I learned was to have a toolbox of items that will help me to do the things that I need to do. Wait, I didn't say go out and buy everything, but it definitely helps to have a few things that will really help to work smarter and not harder.

I watched the sales video and was absolutely shocked by the ease of not only creating totally customized opt-in boxes, but also how quickly I would be able to change them if I didn't like how they looked, or I wanted to try something a little different.

A few of the features that Hybrid Connect Offers:

  • In Content Opt-In Forms
  • Sidebar Opt-In Forms
  • Lightbox/Popup Forms
  • Slide-In Opt-In Boxes
  • Squeeze Pages

For a full list of features - Click Here

These features are great for me because I didn't know how to do anything that was not completely user friendly because of my lacking knowledge of technical or my lack of coding skills.

The more people I talk to, the more people tell me to make sure to build a solid list from the beginning, that "the money is in the list" I finally feel like I can make all of the nice opt-in forms that all of the top marketers make, with half the effort!

One of my favorite features!

While learning how to use this software, I found a feature of this software that no other gives (or at least that I know of). It was the ability to split test between multiple opt-in boxes that I have created. With Hybrid Connect, I can make multiple opt-in boxes and they will automatically rotate and log the data of which form has a higher opt-in rate.

hybrid connect
Image created by Shane Melaugh

So how does this help? Well, the higher the opt-in rate, the more people are added to my list... It's as simple as that! We already know that the bigger the list a person has, the more chance they have to make money with it!

The "Hybrid Form Builder"

Another function that I really loved was the hybrid options for all of the forms. When I was working with the Aweber forms, I know there is a way to add the social media button to them, but to me they always threw off the opt-in box. I was truly impressed to see that with Hybrid Connect, I was able to add a "sign up with Facebook" button that would only show if the person who came was logged into Facebook.


There are so many features, that I am still learning how to use them all! But I definitely use this program often all over my site and love it! I was once a sufferer of "shiny object syndrome" and have a lot of programs that don't do anything. But this is one that I am DEFINITELY glad that I invested in because it has made my life so much easier!

If you are reading this and looking for a user friendly, no skills needed, complete solution to list building... Hybrid Connect may be something you want to look in to!

opt-in forms
Just a few of the pre-made templates
Click The Banner to Check Out Hybrid Connect
Click The Banner to Check Out Hybrid Connect

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