How Kaizen and Internet Marketing Go Hand in Hand…

Take small steps daily
Take small steps daily

Have you ever heard of "kaizen" and are you implementing it?

The Japanese have a philosophy called "kaizen" which is based on continuous improvement. It translates to "self changing for the best of all" or simply "improvement".

It was first put into practice after World War II when American business experts helped to get the Japanese economy back on track.

Of course when it comes to anything that we want to do in life, we wish that we could just wake up one day and have all the skills needed to be successful. Unfortunately it never happens like that...

I wish I would have learned about kaizen earlier!!

When I decided that I wanted to make a full time income and sustainable business online, I so badly wanted something to change over night. I saw the pictures of the "guru's" driving in Lambo's and taking selfies in their million dollar mansions.


Too bad I went at it in completely the wrong way (and I have no shame to admit, that I failed MISERABLY) I took for granted how easy everyone made it look online and overwhelmed myself with every step.

I tried to build a squeeze page... It looked awful, and only worked part of the time. I moved on, without completing it, and told myself I would come back to it.

I tried to find a way to create the rest of a sales funnel, and needless to say... I failed again... By this time I started thinking that I was not meant to be a marketer so I started trying to find other ways to make money online.

kaizen-5s-framework-for-standard-business-processesThe Solution Was Right in Front of My Face and I Didn't Even Realize It!

I opened an email from a personal trainer that I follow that talked about the philosophy of "kaizen". In my free time, I really love to exercise and lift weights, and the email struck a nerve with me.

He used the example of people who exercise who think that if they lift a few weights, they will have the body of Arnold Schwarzenegger. I knew from my own exercise that it just was not possible!

I started thinking of Internet Marketing and how I could relate this philosophy to it... then it hit me like a brick...

Is this a serious career? Or is it just something that you will try and not give up? For me I want it to be my career!!

Internet Marketing is a journey! It is about the little wins... As long as you improve a little bit each day, and stay consistently improving, you will be successful. Not just in Internet Marketing, but what ever you want to do in your life.

Tomorrow maybe I will perfect a squeeze page...

Or write one email for my autoresponder...

Who knows?... But no matter what it is, each day I will be taking little steps to making my business better! Will you be doing the same for what ever you want in your life?

Set small and achievable goals, that way your mind starts to get used to being successful instead of failure.

Are you getting overwhelmed with everything that is involved in online business?


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