An Email List…Building Your First Online Business Asset

Staring an online business can be rough! It comes with a lot of up's and down's. It is not some magical world of "push button software" and "retire from your job by next week!" It is a lot of hard work and takes time.

Sorry if I scared most of you off, but it's true... However, I do have some good news too.

Building an Email List... Your first business asset

Think about how many big name companies have email lists that you might be on. Not only that, but also think about Internet Marketers, Bloggers, and other people's lists you might be on.

Why do you think they do it? It builds relationships and makes money! That's why...

Building a list should be a major focus of anyone who is trying to build a successful online business. It gives you a way to deliver value and quality content to thousands of people, all around the world, in a matter of minutes!

Why build an Email list?

An Email list is an asset that YOU own... YOU are in total control of it...

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  • It can be done on a shoestring budget or even free
  • You can Increase Engagement with your audience
  • You have Instant Traffic to where ever you want it to go
  • Email is very personal and direct

Really when you think about it, the opportunities are endless in what you could do with an email list. But one of the biggest reasons to start building your email list today is... It leads to MORE sales, and MORE sales = MORE MONEY!

How To Start Building Your Email List Today

So if you have not started building your own personal email list I will show you just how easy it can be! You only need a few things, and you are ready to start collecting subscribers.

1) Hosting and a Domain - I personally use HostGator and love it, however there are many out there. If you already have either a blog or a website, you are already ahead of the game!

2) An Autoresponder - I would recommend using either Aweber or GetResponse. I know there are free alternatives out there, but I have read quite a few horror stories about using "free autoresponders" If money is an issue, the first 30 days of Aweber is only $1 and the first month of GetResponse is FREE.

3) Create an Attractive Opt In Form - It needs to grab the attention of people. A good headline, a nice color, and gets people to recognize it. A tip that I received was to never make it the same color as the page it is on... Make it stand out without being offensive to the eyes! Most autoresponder services have an opt in form creator. If you are using WordPress there are many free opt in plugins like Optin Forms or Magic Action Box.

4) An Incentive - A free Ebook, a video training course, anything that will get someone to voluntarily give their email address to you. The point of this is to "ethically bribe" a person and reward them for taking action and subscribing to your Email list.

I think I should make a very important point here... It is NEVER ok to Spam your list with garbage emails (and it is against the law)! Before you send something to your list... just remember how you would feel about getting the email you are about to send.

Make sure you deliver quality and value! Something that can help your subscribers. Don't abuse the privilege you have.

Now You Have The Basics Covered... What's Next?

Basically you are all set up to start capturing subscribers now! All you need to do is put your optin form in places that it will be seen. Here are some places that you could put your optin form

  • At The End of Your WordPress Blog Posts - Send out a newsletter with great tips
  • Create A Landing Page - Create your own landing page (We will get into it next time if you don't know how)
  • A Sidebar Widget - Offering a free Ebook or other gift
  • Your About Me Page

After you have started adding subscribers, you can start to form a personal relationship with them and deliver some quality content to them. Tips and tricks, free advice, and even paid programs that may help them in their own lives. Don't make the mistake of pounding your list with paid offer after paid offer. It might seem like a good money making idea, but it will burn out your subscribers and they will unsubscribe very quickly.

So these are the basics to start building your list today! Next time we will get in to a few more advanced strategies that can be used, to build your list faster!

If you currently have a small list, but would like to make it EXPLODE... Check This Out Here

Are you currently building a list? If you are not, why not? Or, if you are building a list, how are you having success with it? Has it been an asset to you and your business?

If you got some use out of this, or know someone who would... Please share socially!

I also love to hear from the readers, and encourage comments!

All The Best,

Jeff Sollee

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