Marketing Mindset – Before Your First Dollar

Marketing Mindset Is The Difference Between Success And Failure

Becoming an Online Marketer is great, but if your marketing mindset is not set up to win, you will have a long road of disappointments.

Before you even think about making your first dollar online, or buying your first super car, you need to make sure your mind is right.

​But what can you do to make sure you set yourself up for success?

​In this post, I will be going through some of the mind hacks that I have learned from some of the top marketers online.

​My Marketing Mindset Was Completely Backwards...

When I first started trying to make a living online, I made a crucial mistake...

First, I got into it for ALL the wrong reasons...


I also believed that it would be easy...


Being an Online Marketer is NOT about money. Building a sustainable business from nothing is incredibly difficult!

S​o if your marketing mindset resembles what mine used to be... this post is definitely not for you, because you will not like what I have to tell you.

On the flip side, if you want to learn how to mentally set yourself up to win, please read on...

So What Changed My Marketing Mindset?

Back when I started trying to build an online affiliate marketing business back in 2010 I was hanging around all the wrong people.​

These people kept telling me about "the easy money"

"I'll show you the easiest, fastest way to set up a profitable business..."

Of course I bit on it, because I was so focused on easy money.​

But after awhile I started to realize that these guys were just using those promises to make their income off people like me.

These snake oil salesmen are the people who give real Online Marketers a bad name... They are the ones who made it so much harder for us.

​The Day That Changed Everything...

I used to work at the electronics retailer Best Buy.

I had an amazing manager there who taught me about CUSTOMER SERVICE.

One day he asked me, "what is the best part of a sale?"

Of course I said... The money!

"WRONG! The best part of a sale is watching the customer leave the store with a smile on his face because you helped them leave with exactly what they needed to improve their life" he told me...

This was interesting to me because I thought that all brick and mortar businesses wanted money.

It turned out that customer satisfaction was number one... and money was a byproduct of the customers happiness and satisfaction.

Here is a short video that goes through having the right mindset for being an online entrepreneur

How To Change Your Marketing Mindset

The first thing is to not get into this profession to make money!

I know that it is hard to say that when that seems to be everyone's end goal, but if you focus on helping your customers get to a better place, I promise the money will come with it.

This includes:

  • Helping people do something faster
  • Teaching someone how to do something
  • Help a person improve an area of their life

​The options are endless when you start to think about it. 

I am a huge fan of Frank Kern, who has had major success in marketing.​

He has a quote that demonstrates this and explains his major key to success,

"Just Demonstrate that you can help someone... by actually helping them"
-Frank Kern

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These people are not dollar signs... they are having problems and looking for help.

Once you get your marketing mindset set to helping people, you will be much more successful!

​This "Ain't" Easy!

​There is no such thing as easy money or a push button system...

If you come across someone selling you those hopes and dreams, run for the hills... FAST!!

You have to be prepared to work.

Wait... Let me change that up a little...

You have to be prepared to work hard!

And when I say hard, I mean there are lots of days that don't produce anything...

Hours spent doing seemingly meaningless tasks

Some sacrifice of things you would normally do is definitely involved.

And you will DEFINITELY put in more hours than a full time job.

If I didn't scare you, and you are still ready... I'll give you a few tips that will help you to cut down the disappointment.

  • Leverage all small wins... even if it is getting 1 opt in or 5 visitors to your website
  • Instead of focusing on the mistakes, Learn from them... Look for another solution.

If you can get excited about and leverage the small wins, it will make things a lot easier!

The Fastest Way Possible To Be Successful Online?

If you are like me and love shortcuts... Super Affiliate Michael Cheney is giving away his whole business on a silver platter... Copy, Paste, WIN!!

Time Management

Let's face it... Most of us have the attention span of a fly!

At least I know I do...

The internet is a blessing and a curse. You have endless information at your fingertips, but you can easily take a trip down the rabbit hole and never get anything done.

A huge mistake that many beginners make is they will try to put in endless hours behind a computer hoping that the more hours they put in, the more they will get done.

This simply is not true.

Trying to put in 8-10 hours per day will definitely lead to burn out and more than likely make you give up.

Here are a few things that you can do to manage your time wisely:

  • List the 3 most important things that need to get done each day.
  • Work in small chunks no more than 50 minutes (with a 7-10 minute break)
  • Use a Pomodoro Timer to keep track of your work time and break times
  • If you can't focus and get sidetracked by sites, use a program like "Strict Workflow" if you are using Chrome

​By not overwhelming yourself, you will have a better chance of sticking with this for the long haul.

​Marketing Mindset - Secret Hack

This tip alone will give you a giant shortcut to success.

I don't know why more people aren't doing it!

​Find yourself a great coach and mentor...

Many people seem to think that they can go it alone. That they will figure everything out by themselves.

Unfortunately 99 times out of 100 this just isn't true.​

Finding yourself a good coach or mentor who has been in the trenches can give you a huge shortcut from point A to point B.

That means from nothing to a plan and money as fast as possible.

When people start talking about coaches or mentors they get scared because they know it will cost money... And usually quite a bit.

But let me ask you a question... If you paid someone $2,000 but got $10,000 in return, would you?

I like to use the example of McDonalds.

Anyone can buy one...

But you have to put in a huge investment. However people have no problem making this investment because they know McDonalds is a PROVEN system that will work.

Having a coach or a mentor can:​

  • Give you a proven path to follow
  • Help eliminate confusion
  • Stop you from suffering from Shiny Object Syndrome
  • Help shortcut you in the fastest way possible.

The Fastest Way Possible To Be Successful Online?

If you are like me and love shortcuts... Super Affiliate Michael Cheney is giving away his whole business on a silver platter... Copy, Paste, WIN!!

Marketing Mindset Conclusion

Here comes the recap... If you do all of these things when you are just starting out, you will have a better chance of being successful online.

  • Stop Thinking About The Money And Start Thinking About Helping People
  • Remember That It Is Not Easy... It's A Marathon and Not A Sprint
  • Use Your Time Wisely and Don't Get Overwhelmed
  • Go Find Yourself A Mentor or A Coach Who Can Shortcut You To Success

Over To You...

What struggles have you had when it comes to becoming an Internet Marketer or Online Entrepreneur? Did you start out ONLY thinking about the money just to find failure? How is your marketing mindset now, and what do you personally do to succeed online?

I love to hear from my readers and encourage comments!

I answer every one personally and enjoy reading what you have to say.

If you have found value from this, please post a comment and share it so others can get use from it!

Until Next Time!

Jeff Sollee

Jeff Sollee

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