Michael Cheney’s 7 Figure Franchise

Michael Cheney, A Super Affiliate, Is Giving Away His Million Dollar Business For You To Copy For Yourself?

Michael Cheney has made it incredibly easy to almost guarantee your success online...

​So, you want to be an entrepreneur and online marketer?


If you have been at this for any time, you will know that it is not as easy as some make it look.

The confusion and information overload that confuses you so bad you don't even know how to start.

 The long hours that you have to put in to set everything up.

The frustration when something doesn't work how you want it to.​

But the absolute worst is when you spend all your precious time setting something up and it just flat out doesn't work...

No traffic...

No money...


There is some good news though, I finally have the solution that will end all your problems.

More on that in a bit...

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I want to tell you a quick story...​

​When I first got started in Online Marketing, I thought that I would be able to figure everything out by myself.


I spent all of my time learning, not doing!

I didn't have any kind of plan to go by, so I did what everyone does... buy product after product.

​Well with all these products that I bought, for sure I could figure it out!

NOPE! Wrong again...

They basically sat on my computer and gathered digital dust.​

Fast forward 4 years and I was still doing and making the same thing I was at the time I started.

I jumped at every single opportunity, tried every "method" out there... But nothing stuck.


Stop Struggling... Start Copying What Works!

Michael Cheney Locked Me In A Room In Scotland​

It's not what you might think...

He was not holding me hostage or torturing me for information.

Michael Cheney took a group of people and held a 2 day intensive marketing event where he handed over every piece of his business.

I was one of those lucky people!

Of course I had to pay for it, but it was worth twice the amount I paid.

Now he is giving others the ability

If You Don't Know Who Michael Cheney Is...

​Michael Cheney is an Online Marketer who has made millions of dollars in his time online. His business focuses around Product Creation and Affiliate Marketing.

​Some people would call him a "controversial marketer". 

Some hate him...

Many more love him...

But one thing is for sure... If you have had any experience with him... You will NEVER forget Michael Cheney.

​I Learned An Important Lesson That Weekend...

​That weekend I got hit in the head with a brick of knowledge...

I found out that I would never get anywhere without the help of someone who had already been there before.

Someone who could take the headache and struggle out of making money online.

Why should I have to go and make the same mistakes that someone has already made?

Seems kind of like wasting time to make those same mistakes again.​


Stop Struggling... Start Copying What Works!

The 7 Figure Franchise Is Your Shortcut To Success...

​How would you like to have the keys to Michael Cheney's business?

I'm talking about:

  • Access to every single product and upsell Michael Cheney has ever created
  • Guaranteed approval and 100% instant commissions to promote all of his products
  • Every email Michael Cheney has ever written for all of his affiliate promotions
  • The Recordings of the Edinburgh Event (Easily worth $20k with all the info given)
  • $1000 Commissions every time someone buys a back end product
  • The Proven battleplan to quickly accelerate your business to six figures per year
  • 30 Days Private One on One Consultancy
  • Ninja traffic techniques that will flood your offers with traffic
  • And Much Much More...

The only thing you have to do is put in a little bit of time and effort, and you are on your way to a six figure business online.

The Ultimate Shortcut

​If you have been struggling online this could be a huge opportunity for you!

You don't have to work for hours and hours trying to figure it out...

Or make the mistakes that myself or every other marketer has.​

Even big name marketers are taking Michael Cheney up on this, because they know that it is a shortcut to huge pay days.​

Why keep struggling when you can just copy and paste a millionaire?​

Head over to :


Knowing how crazy Michael Cheney is... This could close its doors at any time!

If it does... you may not get this big of a shortcut again​ any time soon.

Until next time!​

Jeff Sollee

Jeff Sollee and Michael Cheney

Me and Michael Cheney Hanging Out In Edinburgh

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Michael Cheney 7 Figure Franchise


The 7 Figure Franchise is a done for you business in a box. You get everything included that you would need to start a highly successful online business.

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