The One Month Update…

For those who don't know me, I have had this blog for a little over a year. Unfortunately there was a huge amount of that year taken off. I admit it... I quit... It was my fault, and I can own it. Things got "too hard" and I took the easy way out.

The Event That Re-Fired Me Up!

After the first time of only "half hearted" trying, I went on a vacation to Romania. I spent 2 months there. It is an absolutely beautiful country, with really nice people, and the food... Let's just say I came back home about 10 lbs heavier...

While in Romania, I couldn't stop thinking about coming home and getting on my blog. I couldn't stop thinking about Internet Marketing. I didn't want to come home from an amazing vacation and go work for someone in a 9-5 job (or in my case not even steady hours like that)

I've never been on a vacation outside of North America before. But at that moment, something snapped into place... I wanted to travel the world and live that "laptop lifestyle" Making money on the internet from anywhere and everywhere I wanted to go!

I Couldn't Do It Alone...

When I first started, I found myself a good mentor. Dean Holland.. He was the first person that was there for me that actually seemed like he wanted to help. We went step by step not only what it takes to run a successful online business, but where I should start, and a solid game plan to follow.

I wrote all about it in a previous post called "So You Started A Blog... But What's Next?"

That was the basic game plan to follow... And I have been doing so for a month now, so I am here to share the results with you!

My Referral Commissions For This Month

My Commissions
My Commissions

In this first month, the commissions that I made were $692.28. However I did purchase 2 solo ads, so the net profit was actually $546.28. The rest was done through building relationships and just following the game plan.

Is it going to get me a Lambo or a mansion? Of course not! But, I see that this game plan that I am using actually WORKS!

For once, instead of throwing my money down a black hole, I actually put some extra in my pocket. Rinse and repeat, right? Scale it up and take it to a whole new level.

It is so easy to get down when nothing is working! Not this time!

Google Analytics

A screenshot of my Google Analytics

When I look at this screen shot, I can definitely see the days that I put in a little more effort. But am I happy with 450 users coming to my site in 30 days? Absolutely!

I'm no traffic guru, or secret Jedi master. To be completely honest, I haven't even quite figured myself out yet. Some days everything seems in full focus and other days it's not. But I have no doubt that number will be much higher in my second month!

The visitors were all brought to my site through blog commenting, and sharing with people on Facebook. I must be honest about something... I don't ever write for SEO, or to please Google. I write for people!

Current Alexa Ranking

Current Alexa Ranking
Current Alexa Ranking

Even though I had my blog for almost a year, when I got home from my trip it was completely unranked by Alexa. In one month, I went from completely unranked, to close to a 500,000 global rank and a rank of 86,678 in the United States.

I am definitely happy with the results so far that I have gotten. It is very encouraging to me. Now, I must just keep it up!

Again, it was nothing special... It was just the same techniques that I had learned from other great bloggers that I mentioned HERE, and by following those techniques. Follow the plan, get the results!

My First Month Back... in Review

While I think that it was a pretty solid month, I believe that I can do much better in my next month! Looking ahead it just drives me to work harder, stick to the game plan, and keep getting positive results!

I am not showing you these to make it look like I am showing off, or bragging in any way. I am simply posting these result to show that ANYONE can do it if they have the passion for it!

If you are like me, and need a little extra help and guidance, or a set game plan... I encourage you to check out the Big Commission Blueprint or Quick Start Challenge.

So please, share with me in the comment section the type of success you have been having! I love to hear inspirational success stories! On the flip side, if what you have been doing has not been working too well, please share it too and I will do my best to help in any way that I can! I'm always here to help the people who help me.

If you got some use out of this, or know someone who would... Please share socially!

I also love to hear from the readers, and encourage comments!

All The Best,

Jeff Sollee

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