Someone Said Challenge… I Came Running

Today is a Brand New Day!

I want to re-introduce myself... Hi, my name is Jeff Sollee, and I'm a struggling Online Marketer...

Now I have only been at it a few months, but in all honesty, it has been a BRUTAL few months! I have felt like I got punched in the stomach, and kicked when I was down.

Let's see, my online earnings to date... $38 which puts me at about -$5462. But, I have found something that WILL change all of this!

Dean Holland's Quick Start Challenge

I have tried many methods of making money online, I have bought many products that just ended up not working for me. The good news is that all of this is about to change! Today is my first step, and I am 100% ALL IN and taking action from day one! So here is my promise to myself... In 30 days from today (May 30, 2013) things will be much different than they are today.

  • I will work for myself, in my own time, from where I want, with no boss telling me what to do!
  • I will provide a nice, safe, and secure life for me and my family!
  • I will have financial freedom and no worries about going to the bank and reading "Insufficient Funds"
  • And... I WILL one day work with Dean Holland as a partner!

I have been blogging for a short time, but I have re-newed passion and fire for online business and nothing will get in my way! I'm glad that I spent those few months failing, because I found out early those methods before were not the way to go! It looks like I failed myself into the best spot that I could possibly be now!

Here we go... I Will Be A Success Online!

Your Friend,

Jeff Sollee

jsollee.10 - skype

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