Selling Yourself BEFORE Selling Your Products

The long lost art of selling yourself before your products

I've noticed something lately... No matter where I go, it seems like a lot of people have lost the art of salesmanship. For me just getting into Internet Marketing, it is especially obvious... Everyone wants to push a product and make big money, but how many take the time to help you with what you need?

My profession happens to be as an Internet Marketer, but if you continue to read on, this information will help you in any profession that you are in!

The first job I ever had was at Best Buy. For those who don't know, Best Buy is a giant warehouse type consumer electronics store that has anything from TV's to digital cameras and computers. It is paradise for most men, because it has all the cool new gadgets that come out.

When I was hired, I was asked to be a salesman in the Digital Camera department... 2 problems...

  1. I didn't know anything about digital cameras or their accessories... and...
  2. I had never sold a product in my life

I'll admit, I was TERRIFIED!

What if someone came in who knew all about cameras, and I had to help them without any knowledge of cameras?

It turned out that I had an amazing manager who helped to train me in two ways. The first was about cameras (which I obviously needed) but the second was much more valuable.

He was able to show me how to sell myself long before I sold the product. To build a rapport or a relationship with every person who walked through that door. Whether they were coming in to buy or just look, my first goal was to make sure that I formed some kind of relationship with them.

Different ways to form a relationship with someone:

  • Introduce yourself with a handshake, your name, and a smile! - many people overlook how important and powerful it can be just to introduce yourself and smile. Right away it puts the person at ease and takes the defensive walls down.
  • Ask personal questions and offer personal information about yourself - There is nothing worse than trying to give something to someone that they don't want or are not looking for. They will leave with a salty taste in their mouth and possibly just go somewhere else. Asking personal "qualifying" questions makes them feel like you care and actually want to help them and their needs. While offering personal information about yourself makes you seem more like a friend than a salesman.
  • Don't try to "over-sell" products! - Do you like feeling like you are being looked at as dollar signs?
  • DON'T EVER BE DISAPPOINTED IF SOMEONE DOESN'T BUY RIGHT AWAY - Don't feel like you wasted your time by giving someone information... Chances are they will remember you as "my friend who was trying to help" and will come back to you over and over again in the future.

Before I knew it... That's exactly what happened!

While I was putting that training of building relationships in action, I started to notice that I would see customers coming back. It quickly turned into co-workers coming up to me and saying, "Jeff, he is waiting and ONLY wants to talk to you." They would ONLY accept my advice and my recommendations of products.

As a result... Within my first month of being there I was already outselling some people that had been there for a very long time.

The great thing is that this works for any thing that you are in. Any time you can network and build a reputation as a "quality, honest person" you end up winning.

For me, at the end of the day, it feels better to help a person than cash a check. Does it mean I dislike money? Of course not! But I also know that a person who is happy with all aspects... from the information, the product, the personal service, and the friendship will be back time and time again!

If you are ever curious what type of "business" people you are dealing with online... send them an email, ask them a personal question and see if they respond. Please send me any email at any time if you would like any more information or have any questions.

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Jeff Sollee

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