A Few Simple Tips To Make Your Blog Take Off

Blogging May Not Be As Easy As It Sounds...

Don't get worried, but there is a learning curve when it comes to blogging. Trust me... I'm going through the blogging school of hard knocks at the moment. These days it's not so simple as to open up a blog and have a flood of traffic coming in. However there are some very simple and basic tips and trickss that anyone can use to help readers stick around your blog and continue reading.

First Impressions Really Do Matter

first impressions
Who Do You Trust More?

Your blog is kind of like a job interview. Would you go to a job interview in old worn out clothing, long messy hair, and not shaven? (or not brushing your hair and putting on a little makeup for a woman) I'm guessing that you wouldn't, or if you would... I'm guessing the company "filled the spot".

You may be the most amazing, knowledgeable person in the world but if the first impression of the blog is sloppy and messy, or off-putting, it might actually discourage visitors from sticking around.

Make Sure... To ALWAYS Be YOURSELF!! Don't EVER Fake Anything!! I think most people don't expect someone to be a master at something the first time they try it, and will pick up on a "fake" immediately! The best think is to be yourself, open and honest... Remember... Know, Like, Trust!

Small Tips and Tricks To Make Sure Your Blog Gives a Great First Impression:

  • Use a simple, professional theme. Remember that LESS is usually MORE. Try to stay away from multiple slider bars and flashing pictures that will draw the reader away from the content of the site (which is the most important part)
  • Having too many options may lead the reader to click around your site (and possibly away from it) before reading anything that you actually put on the page.
  • Use a clean, easily readable font on all of your posts. Too much formatting may work against you if it looks scattered. (black font on white background is the easiest to on the eyes to read)
  • Just because you have a theme with all the bells and whistles, and cool plugins for your site, doesn't mean it will make readers like it. In fact, having too much may slow down load time which will drastically take away from your visitors.

Yes... Content Really IS King!!

content is king
Content is Still King

Think about the blogs you read, and why you read them. Usually at the end you felt that you learned something new, or it brought some kind of emotion to you. Either it made you smile, laugh, relate, or it taught something new or interesting that you could use. For example, I am an avid student of the Internet Marketing game.

I love reading blogs that give me useful information that I can use to help me. However I also love to read blogs that are a little more personal and that I may be able to relate to, like struggles that I may face. Either way, your goal is for the reader to feel like they left with something valuable after reading your blog post.

Give The Eyes a Break!!

No one likes to read long drawn out posts that are nothing but a huge text block! I have seen a few blogs that only use text in their posts and they are very hard to get through. It's incredibly hard on the eyes to read nothing but text, and most people look at a page with nothing but writing and think... NO THANKS!

Majority of people love to see pictures, and headers that are both attention grabbing, as well as break up the content and information into small, digestible chunks. It can make a world of difference!

  • Keep your posts short and to the point! Don't ramble on and on. Deliver the information that you want the reader to have, and leave them salivating for more and come the next day!
  • Keep your posts from 500-700 words (in general)
  • Make sure to add pictures, they help to add description and evoke emotion in readers (make sure they go with the content of the post) Plus they are fun to look at

Always Proofread and Edit Your Content Before Posting (A Must)

Proofreading is a MUST

Along with the content... This could possibly be one of the most important things there is! A post or blog that has many errors, misspellings, or just looks unorganized is a blog that will spiral downward quickly. It is such an easy thing to do to take a few minutes to just review and edit before posting.

Also, once you put content out on the internet, the search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo) index it pretty quickly, so if you are writing a post of fire and ranting about something... make sure you cool off a little before you put it out there. It's not always easy to take back!

For a few more tips on simple blog writing... Check back tomorrow as I have a few more!

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