Social Cash Machine Review – Turn Your Social Media Into An ATM?

"37 Year Old Dad Of 5 Rakes in $284.05 From His Couch in Under 57 Minutes Per Day"

With No List, No Product, No Paid Traffic and No Expertise

Social Cash Machine is a product by Rob Reece showing you the exact method that he uses to bank daily commissions using nothing more than his social media account and a couple of free tools.  

This can all be done using free, or near free items that you can find on the internet. 

But is it really possible to turn your Social Media accounts into your own personal ATM with just about an hour per day?

Read on to find out...

What is Social Cash Machine?

Social Cash Machine is a 100% newbie method that Rob uses himself every day. He leverages his social media accounts to drive targeted traffic to affiliate offers. 

While this is a "newbie" method, it also works great for anyone who is looking to have an increase of sales and commissions just by using their social media accounts. 

Social Cash Machine is a 37 page report that Rob has put together detailing all of the steps and tools that he uses to pull in affiliate commissions on a daily basis. 

No Fluff...
No BS...
Straight To The Point!

Why Do I Like Social Cash Machine So Much?
  • 100% Marketer Friendly
  • You Can Be Up And Running In Less Than an Hour
  • No Expensive Tools Needed
  • check
    Can Truly Be Done In Your Spare Time
  • check
    You Don't Need To Be A Rocket Scientist For This Method To Work
  • check
    Tested It And It Worked For Me

My Results Using Social Cash Machine For Just A Few Days...

Ok, so I know what you are thinking...

"You write a review and promote this product, but have you used it, or got results with it?"

In fact, I did buy this one with my own money just to give it a try. Facebook traffic is huge, and any method that can show me how to send it for free, I love to try.

So below are some screenshots of my results:

Social Cash Machine Com1
Social Cash Machine Com2
Social Cash Machine Com3

These are within the last 3 days of trying the method. 

Overall it is about 100$ in the last 3 days, but the beauty of this method is that it can be scaled.


Grab Social Cash Machine and Start Driving Laser Targeted Leads To Your Offers Within The Hour

Who Is Social Cash Machine For?

I know this may seem kind of cliche to say...

But Social Cash Machine can be used by anyone no matter their marketing level. 

Who doesn't want to drive more sales?

Not only drive more sales... but for free in your spare time? 

Since there is nothing tricky to set up, anyone no matter what level, can have this up and running in a very short time.

Myself included!

There is no list building, or complicated funnels that have a bunch of moving parts, which makes it absolutely perfect for anyone who is not looking to pay for pricey tools. 

One Time Offers

There are a couple of OTOs that come along with Social Cash Machine. 

They are not necessary as the full method is taught inside of the 37 page reprt.


The OTOs that Rob has put together will not only get you results faster, but also help you to better understand the method and the way it works. 

OTO 1 - Social Cash Machine Pro

Social Cash Machine Pro will take the methods that you learn in the report and putting them on steroids. 

In the PRO version you will be learning things like:
- Additional Tips and Tricks Rob has found success with
- Email Marketing tips that will get your emails opened, read and clicked... all while using a FREE Email Software
- Building Landing Pages and how to incorporate them into your business so you can build a list and have traffic on demand.... Of course using a FREE Landing Page software
- Much more, including ways to continue to grow

OTO 2 - Social Cash Machine Elite

In Social Cash Machine Elite you will get to attend a 3 day web coaching calls live with the creator of this method Rob Reece himself.

Inside the 3 day web coaching calls you will be getting personalized help with anything you may be stuck on, as well as many trade secrets that he has picked up along the way that help you take your sales and customer base to the next level.

What I Don't Like About Social Cash Machine...

Overall I really like this method and the way that it is put together. 

Will it make you rich overnight? 

Absolutely not... but it will build the more you put what you learn inside Social Cash Machine into action. 

That being said, there are still a few things that I didn't necessarily like. 

- Even though the report is only 37 pages, I have a hard time retaining what I read. I much prefer video training where I can take notes as I go along. But this is a personal opinion as I know many people enjoy reading.

- One of the strategies inside Social Cash Machine is to "get product creators to give you access to their course" which isn't always easy if you are beginning and don't have any kind of name or reputation. 

I would have liked to have seen either some guaranteed products to promote, or a technique that can be used when talking to product vendors that will increase the chances of someone being approved as an affiliate. 

Social Cash Machine Conclusion

Overall Social Cash Machine is a fantastic product and will definitely get you results when applied and you use the method consistently.

One thing that I liked the most is that it costs little to nothing to set up and run. Especially since tools for running an online business can really add up. 

I highly suggest that if you are not currently using Facebook to drive traffic, or you are trying but not getting any results, you pick up your copy of Social Cash Machine right now and put it into action. 

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Social Cash Machine Review
  • Quality of Information
  • Ease of Application
  • Practicality


Social Cash Machine by Rob Reece is the exact case study and system that he uses to turn his Facebook page into his own personal ATM creating a steady flow of income almost on demand

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