The Affiliate Sheep Will Be Eaten By Wolves

Affiliate Marketing is a wonderful thing!

It gives anyone an opportunity to generate a full time income online without having to do much heavy lifting.

If you are just starting to dip your toes into making money online... Affiliate Marketing is the perfect place to start because you get to leverage the hard work of other people.

Which means you can focus on one thing instead of many... Getting eyeballs on an offer you are promoting.


There is a disturbing trend that is going on and if gives Affiliate Marketers a bad name. The problem is that most Affiliate Marketers are just sheep...

Majority of people are steered to Affiliate Marketing as a starting point, so what's the problem?

Well typically they are taught wrong from the get go. Uh oh... here comes another Affiliate Sheep!

Who Are The Affiliate Sheep?

The Affiliate Sheep are a strange bunch!

Affiliate Sheep do one of two things...

  1. They sit back and watch what all the other Affiliate Marketers are doing, and just try to copy them - This means: Choose to promote the same products as others, use the same boring email swipes as others, copy the exact same tactics as all the others

The problem with doing this... Potential customers are already hip to this. Potential customers have been down this road, they have seen these same lame tactics time and time again!

Your emails will never get read...

Your links will never get clicked...

You will still continue to see 0's in all your affiliate accounts...

2. The second things the Affiliate Sheep will do is continue to buy a bunch of Affiliate Marketing products and try to piece them all together. Take a little bit from Product A and mix it with Product B and sprinkle in some Product C

The problem with doing this?


Become An Affiliate Wolf TODAY!

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Who Are The Affiliate Wolves?

The Affiliate Wolves LOVE the Affiliate Sheep!

The Affiliate Sheep make their lives and businesses so much easier.

There are 3 main traits of the Affiliate Wolf:

  • They Are Very Process-Oriented
  • They Stand Out From The Crowd
  • They Are Always Investing And Learning New Things

"They Are VERY Process-Orientated"

An Affiliate Wolf has a VERY strict process for everything!

Typically every single dimension of their Affiliate Marketing business is planned out in great detail.

  • They don't just jump from one promotion to another because one is not working
  • They know in advance what they will be promoting and who to put it in front of
  • They have automated the process so it works like clockwork.

"They Stand Out From The Crowd"

Affiliate Wolves are very good at standing out from the sheep...


Because they know that 99% of people will be sheep (as well as broke). So by standing out, there is little to no competition.

They know what type of product or service will help a specific type of person

  • They have a special way of resonating with their audience which gets their messages read, not deleted.
  • They are able to look at someone in need, and direct them to the thing that will help them most.
  • Since they are different and resonate with people, they are the ones who have huge followings

"They're always investing in learning new things"

Affiliate Wolves are not afraid to invest in themselves, tools, and education. They look at it as an investment rather than a purchase because it will give them a positive return.

  • They realize commissions are created by using new, fresh and innovative ideas to stay one step ahead of the affiliate sheep army.
  • They choose to learn from the best (who walk the walk and talk the talk) instead of those who teach the same old boring methods

It's Not Too Late To Become A Wolf!

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