WP Image Rankr Review – Instantly SEO-Optimize your Images

WP Image Rankr - Revolutionary WordPress Plugin That Leverages The Little Known Strategy of SEO Image Optimization With Just A Few Clicks of The Mouse

Are your WordPress sites images SEO Optimized?

Did you know that having SEO Optimized images on your site can drastically improve search rankings?

Many people know about the benefits of SEO and how it affects your site ranking in Search Engines, however many don't know that optimizing your images is very important as well. 

WP Image Rankr is a new WordPress Plugin that was designed to take the tedious work out of optimizing your images for SEO. 

What The Pro's Say

SEO Experts (including Google's very own
Matt Cutts)
agree that On-site IMAGE SEO maintenance is an important piece in your Ranking Plan.

The Backlinko study reported that using a Single Image within content will increase Search Engine Rankings Impressively.

But do you know how to set your images up for SEO Optimization?

It is a lot of monotonous and painstaking work... It involves:

- Image Format

- File Name

- Image Size

- Title Tag and ALT Tag

- Image Sitemap

- Image Dimensions

- Image Resolution

- Heading, Caption or Surrounding Text

This has to be done for all of your current images, and future images.

WP Image Rankr Can Do This In A Few Clicks

I'm a big fan of easy, and everything I listed above sure isn't easy...

In fact, its infuriating to make sure that every single image is SEO Friendly. 

WP Image Rankr will "Easily automate all the Back-Breaking Tasks of Image SEO with just ONE CLICK” 

That's not just making sure that your future images are SEO Optimized, but also all of the images that you have already uploaded.

If you currently have a blog with a lot of images, you could do the work yourself but optimizing each and every pic manually could be next to impossible.

With WP Image Rankr', you can easily perform Picture-Perfect Image Optimization for Top Google Rankings in less than 30 seconds.


Optimize Title and Alt Tags

Install and turn on the plugin. Add Image Title and and ALT Tags


Resize or Compress Images

Turn on image Re-sizing and select the size you would like. You can also use it to compress larger images to help your site run faster


Enjoy your higher rankings

You're done! Watch your site jump up because you are optimizing your images when other people are not

Are Your Sites Images Optimized?

Take The Hard Work Out And Optimize Your Images With Just A Few Clicks

Check Out The Demo of WP Image Rankr

WP Image Rankr - The Features

1. Automatically add Alt & Title Tags

Advanced WP Image Rankr will automatically update all images with custom ALT and TITLE attributes (based on your preferences) for result driven SEO purposes.

2. Compress the Image Size

WP Image Rankr will compress or resize your images to boost your site loading speed. As a recent study suggested that 39% of people will stop engaging with a website if images won’t load or take too long to load.

3. Works for Existing and New Images

No need to worry about your existing images because this advanced Plugin automatically adds Alt & Title tags to existing images as well as newly uploaded images with just a few clicks of your mouse.

4. Custom Image Text

Add SEO Optimized Custom title, description and caption in each SINGLE Image based on post title, image file name, post category and tags to skyrocket your rankings.

5. Work for Individual Images

WP Image Rankr is an ultimate Plugin that also adjusts individual posts and pages to represent any keyword for Title and Metadata automatically.

6. Feature Images Support

Put aside the hassle of optimizing your feature images as this mind-blowing Plugin integrates Custom/Pre-defined Alt & Title tags to Featured Images with ease.

7. Step-by-Step Training and Tutorials

Even though this Plugin is ‘dead-simple’ to use but for your convenience, we are also providing you with step-by-step complete training with it.

And Much Much More

Who Is Wp Image Rankr For?

If you currently have a WordPress site that you use, whether it is for reviews or a travel blog, this plugin is for you. 

It does not matter what niche you are in or what type of business you run, if you are looking to jump up in ranking on the search engines WP Image Rankr can help.

Bloggers (regardless of the niche) will enjoy the higher search rankings to reach a new group of readers that might not have found your site before. 

Affiliate Marketers who are doing reviews can use WP Image Rankr to help jump to the top of the search engines. As most Affiliate Marketers know, people typically don't read any reviews past the first page. 

If you have an ecommerce store using WOOCommerce, optimizing the images on your site, will help your store stand out in the eyes of the search engines, giving you better rankings.

The only people who would not benefit from WP Image Rankr would be people who don't have a WordPress site.

Are Your Sites Images Optimized?

Take The Hard Work Out And Optimize Your Images With Just A Few Clicks

The Funnel

Click On The Image To See It Full Size

Front End - WP Image Rankr: $9.95 single site/$19.95 Unlimited Site

WP Image Rankr is an 'All Inclusive' Feature-Packed WordPress Plugin to Automate All the Mind-numbing tasks of Image SEO with Just a FEW Clicks!!!

OTO #1 - Developers License: $47

In this package we're making it easier than ever for people to crush it with the Paytrix system by giving users access to 10 done for you bonus pages complete with back end offers .

Full reseller rights are included for all upsell offers.

 Downsell #1 - Developers Rights: $37.95

The rest of the funnel I am a bit confused by...

While they show prices, they don't say what the actual offers are. It appears to either be this plugin or others that go hand in hand with it, with a couple of different options.

- Personal use
- Reseller

I wish I could be of more help in this area, but I do not want to give wrong information.

What I Don't Like About WP Image Rankr

For what this plugin is, I like everything about it. 

WP Image Rankr does exactly what it says it will do. It will handle all of your image SEO to help boost your rankings within the search engine. 

It is easy to use, and the step by step instructions make converting your images to be SEO friendly, so simple that even a tech dunce like myself can make it work.

The only question that I personally have is how much weight do the search engines actually put on image SEO. 

Will it get you to the top rank on Google without anything else? 

I have my doubts...

But the combination of image SEO and on page SEO can definitely work together to make your site more attractive to the search engines. 

I do not like how I am completely blind about their funnel

WP Image Rankr - Final Recommendation

Would I recommend buying WP Image Rankr?

Yes... and I will be buying it when it's released.

But I am in a position that I use a blog and I put lots of images on it. I personally hate doing manual image SEO so anything that will save my time so I can focus on other things is a great tool for me. 

I do not recommend this tool if you if you are not currently using WordPress or if you just don't care about your rankings. 

If you are currently happy where your site ranks, or your ecommerce store is in the search engines, then this plugin is not for you. 

However if you want an easy way to give your site a little extra juice when it comes to search engine rankings then WP Image Rankr is for you.

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